Tolid Darou Pharmaceutical

Brief Introduction
Tolid Darou Pharmaceutical Company, founded in 1956, is one of the biggest and oldest pharmaceutical factories in Iran. In 2005, the pharmaceutical unit continued its activity under the name of Tolid Darou Pharmaceutical Company (private joint stock). In 2012, the company was listed on the Stock Exchange.

Main Activity
Production, distribution, importation and exportation of medicines and importation of raw materials and spare parts needed in the above industries

The Goal of the company is to become one of the top ten manufacturers and exporters of pharmaceutical products in the country. This company not only aims to enhance the quantity and quality of new products but also intends to develop its products basket by producing new products and pharmaceutical forms confirmed in the world, to produce food and pharmaceutical supplements, and to produce medicine by modern pharmaceutical methods using modern technology in collaboration with reputable international companies and with high level of quality. Furthermore, the company aims to export its products to other countries by using committed manpower, modern technical knowledge and technology in the field of production and packaging, and cooperation with reputable companies in the world.

The main mission of Tolid Darou Pharmaceutical Company is to produce high quality products in order to promote physical and mental health of the society, to improve health quality of the people, to empower the personnel as the most valuable capital of the organization, and to be recognized as a reputable, leading, responsible and committed company. The company aims to become the first choice of people in brand, alleviate their pain, and improve health level of the society by supplying high quality products.

Production Lines and Capacities

Tolid Darou Pharmaceutical Company has four production lines of liquids and suspension, semi-solids, solids, injective and sterile.

Production Line Form Capacity
Liquids Syrup 120, 60 and 240 cc 16,000,000
Liquids Dry suspension 2,500,000
Liquids Oral drop 6,500,000
Semisolids Cream and ointment 6,500,000
Semisolids Suppository 17,000,000
Solids Tablet 840,000,000
Solids Capsule 170,000,000
Injective and sterile Ampule 10,000,000
Injective and sterile Sterile drop 3,600,000

Human Resources

Number of personnel: 310

Number of Personnel in Different Units
Name of Unit Total
Production 112
Warehouses and logistics 115
Administrative 83

Products by Therapy Area
The Company produces 135 products in various pharmaceutical forms in the following Therapy area:

Therapy area Number
Cardiovascular medicines 25
Skin medicines 9
Eye and nose sterile medicines 3
Central nervous system 25
Digestive system 25
Digestive system 12
Respiratory system 13
Pharmaceutical and food supplements 3
Disinfectors 8
Plant medicines 8
Endocrine 1
Non-steroid anti-inflammation 2
Calcium emulator 1

Business Partners
The company procures its raw materials and other needed items from reputable companies all over the world, including Boehringer of Germany, Roquette of France, Farmabios of Italy, Gattefosse of France, Euticals of Italy, Kahl of Germany, Ramtizia of Ita- ly, Biofac of Netherlands, Irmal of Malaysia, Sinergi of Turkey, Nivika of India, Sarong of Italy, Jiangxi of China, Mingtai of Malaysia, Synthokem of India, Cambrex of Italy and Well Known of India.

Contracting Distribution Companies
Pakhsh Alborz, Ghasem Iran, Pakhsh Hejrat, Pakhsh Razi, Pakhsh Darougostar Yasin, Pourapa- khsh, Tajhizgaran Teb Novin, Darougostar Nokh- began, Pakhsh DayaDarou, Behpakhsh Darouye Behshahr, Pakhsh Momtaz.

Domestic Partner
Pars Ampoul, Gelatin Capsule, Aydanar, Daroupat Shargh, Rahavard Tamin, Behansar, Temad, dana pharmaceutical and shimiDaroui DarouPakhsh.

Certificates, Commendations Letters, Confirmations and Standards

  • SO 14001:2008 Certificate
  • ISO 14001:2004 Certificate
  • ISO 18001:2007 Certificate
  • Certificate for dedication to quality


Factory: Tehran
Area: 63,900 square meters with a substructure of 35,914 square meters
Address: Shahid Yadegar Ave, beginning of Saveh Road, Tehran
Postal Code: 1371616314
Tel: +98 21 61170
Fax: +98 21 66620175