KBC Company

Brief Introduction
KBC Company was founded in 1954 under the name of Manshour Joint Stock Company. In 1957, it was changed to Joint Partnership Company. In 1971, the company was renamed to KBC (private joint stock). In 2013, the company was changed to a public joint stock company and was listed on Stock Exchange.

Main Activity
Commercial activities including import, export, procurement and sale of products, production of medicines, and packaging bulk medicines.

KBC Company, as one of the most important pharmaceutical suppliers, wishes to play a significant role in the promotion of health of the society.

Provision of specialized and non-specialized high quality pharmaceutical products with best price from the most reputable companies all over the world

Production Lines and Capacities

Therapy Area Quantity
Special diseases 6
Vaccines 6
Blood coagulation 3
Immune system 2
Sensitivity 1
Gynecology 1
Cardiovascular diseases 1
Digestive system 1
Neurology 1
Analgesic 1
Corton 1
Hormone 1

Human Resources

Number of personnel: 20

Products by Therapy Area
The Company produces 135 products in various pharmaceutical forms in the following Therapy area:

Therapy area Number
Cardiovascular medicines 25
Skin medicines 9
Eye and nose sterile medicines 3
Central nervous system 25
Digestive system 25
Antibiotic medicines 12
Respiratory system 13
Pharmaceutical and food supplements 3
Disinfectors 8
Plant medicines 8
Endocrine 1
Non-steroid anti-inflammation 2
Calcium emulator 1

Business Partners

Domestic partners:
Name of Company
Omid Salamat
Kimia Salamat Nikan
SazDarou Javan
Darman Ara
Tadbir Kalaye Jam
Behbod Darou
Behestan Darou
Omid Darou Salamat
international partners:
Name of Company Country
MERCK Germany
Sanofi Pasteur France
Mercury MiddleEast UAE
Narico Germany
Hexal Germany
Sandoz Austria
Novo Nordisk Denmark
Sanofi Winthrop Industrial France

Contracting Distributors and Companies
Pakhsh Alborz, Adora Teb, Pakhsh Darou Behdasht, Shafa Arad, Pakhsh Darou Pakhsh, Omid Salamat, Pakhsh Ferdows, Pakhsh Razi, Saz Darou Javan, Pakhsh Saha Helal, Helal Ahmar Esfahan, Pakhsh Hejrat, Darou Gostar Mihan, Pakhsh Daya Darou, Pakhsh Mahya Darou, Pakhsh Ghasem Iran, Pakhsh Elit Darou, Pakhsh Livar, Taban Pakhsh Nikan Sakhteman.

Unique characteristics

    • Third rank among pharmaceutical importers in 2013
    • Major supplier of vaccines needed by ministry of health and medical education
    • The only pharmaceutical commercial company listed on the Stock Exchange

Certificates, Commendations Letters, Confirmations and Standards

  • ISO 9001:2008 Certificate from Tuv Nord of Germany
  • Certificate for dedication to quality
  • Membership in IM100 (top 500 companies)
  • Certificate of registration of taxpayers


Address: Unit 8, No. 13, Sara Bldg, Mirzahassani Alley, Ghaem Magham Farahani Ave, Tehran
Postal Code: 1586767114
Tel: +98 21 84305000
Fax: +98 21 84305102

Website: .www.kbcco.com