Iran Darou Company

Brief Introduction
Iran Darou Company is one of the oldest pharmaceutical companies in Iran. This company was founded in 1964 under the name of Sia Namid KBC (Lederly brand manufacturer). As one of the branches of Cyanamid KBC Company of the US, this company was officially operated with the permission of health ministry. In 1982, the company was renamed to “Iran Darou” and also was changed to public joint stock. In 2001, Iran Darou Company was registered in Tehran Stock Exchange as 321st company.

Main Activity
Procurement, production and sale of medicines, human and livestock products, foodstuff, chemicals, cosmetic and health products, agricultural products, medical diagnosis kits, raw materials and packaging tools used in the above industries; importation of raw materials and packaging tools used in the aforementioned products; and conducting research works

Becoming an exemplary pharmaceutical company by 1404 with the following goals:

TAbbreviation Major Goals Evaluation Indexes
P Promotion of quality of processes and production lines in the amount of one line per year Ratio of lines with GMP certificate to the whole
O One of the winners of national awards trophy 1404 (food and medicine qualityorganizational efficiency and excellency) Annual point of national awards
G Growth of productivity by 10% per year Net profit to previous year’s net profit
P Promotion of productivity by 10% per year Per capita sale of company
I Presentation of five Innovative pharmaceutical products each year Number of licenses for new products
A Achievement of three top ranks of domestic sales of human skin products and food supplements in the country by 1404 Market share percentage of key products
P Promotion of exportation sale share by 40% compared with the previous year by 1404 Ratio of exportation sale to the whole sale
G Growth of personnel ability and satisfaction by 10% each year Annual personnel satisfaction percentage
A Arrival to one new pharmaceutical market (e.g. middle Asia and Africa) each year Number of target markets

Iran Darou Company, as a subsidiary of Alborz Investment Company, is active in the field of production and procurement of high quality human pharmaceutical and food supplements in order to meet pharmaceutical needs of patients and promote the health and happiness of the society by reliance on skilled and experienced personnel, and by using the most recent technologies and equipment.

Production Lines and Capacities

Group Form Capacity
Solids Tablet 330,000,000
Solids Capsule 130,000,000
Solids Sachet 4,000,000
Semi-solids Tube
Liquids Syrup 4,500,000
Liquids Spray 4,500,000

Human Resources

Name of Unit Total
Production 86
Warehouses and logistics 92
Financial & Administrative 65

Products by Therapy Area

Therapy area Number of Items
Cardiovascular medicines 6
Skin medicines 18
Analgesics 8
Digestive system medicines 9
Psychiatric medicines 25
Kidney and urinary tract 3
Antihistamine 5
Metabolic supplements 14
Topical anesthetic 3
Antibiotic and anti-TB 3
Other 1

Business Partners
Iran Darou Company procures its raw materials and equipment mainly from reputable Asian and European companies.

Contracting Distributors and Exporters
Pakhsh Alborz, Ghasem Iran, Ferdows, Razi, Darougostar Razi, Darougostar Yasin, Maktaf, Pouyesh Farmad Gostar, Poura Pakhsh

Domestic and International Awards
Green industry certificate of Environment Organization in 2009 and selected company of green industry in 2010

Certificates, Commendations Letters, Confirmations and Standards

  • Accredited certification of department general of raw materials quality control laboratories
  • ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certificate
  • Certificate for dedication to quality


City: Tehran
Area: 21,600 square meters with a substructure of 11,000 square meters
Address: End of Kermani Ave, Moallem Blvd, Ayatollah Saeidi Highway, Tehran
Postal Code: 1371658111
Tel: +98 21 66628848
Fax: +98 21 66692586