Alborz Darou Company

Brief Introduction
Alborz Darou Company was registered in 1976 under the name of International Products as a private joint stock company. The company was renamed to “Toli Farma” in 1979 and was finally renamed to “Alborz Darou (private joint stock)” in 1984. In 1996, the company was changed to public joint stock and was registered in Stock Exchange. 

Main Activity
Production, sale, importation and distribution of final products in the field of pharmaceuticals, foodstuff, chemicals, cosmetic and health products and medical equipment; importation of raw or semi-constructed materials and packaging tools used in the above products; and conducting research works

Production Lines and Capacities

  • This company has three sections of solids, liquids and injective products.
  • In solids section, the company has an annual production capacity of 733 million tablets.
  • In liquids section, the company has an annual production capacity of 19 million syrups and suspensions.
  • In injective products section, having such lines as prefilled line, the company has one of the most equipped and most advanced production lines of such products in the country, with an annual production capacity of 45 million ampules.

Human Resources

Alborz Darou Company has over 380 skilled and experienced personnel. At present, more than 100 personnel of the company have B.Sc., M.Sc. and PhD degrees

Number of Personnel in Different Units
Name of Unit Total
Production 169
Warehouses and logistics 134
Administrative 73

Products by Therapy Area
Having more than 120 licenses, this Company pro- duces more than 100 products in various Therapy area and pharmaceutical forms as follows:

Therapy area Number of Items
Cardiovascular medicines 21
Analgesic 17
Food supplement 3
Antitussive 8
Digestive system medicines 11
Psychiatric medicines 13
Anti-allergy 1
Decongestants 3
Antibiotic 11
Orthopedics 1

Domestic and International Awards

  • International award for high quality product (PQA) from the EU
  • International award of superior technology and the most reputable trade name from the EU

Unique characteristics

  • The fifth big pharmaceutical producer in the country
  • The most equipped production line of pre-field products and injective vials
  • Concluding cooperation contract with the world’s reputable pharmaceutical companies such as KRKA, Femer, Gland, Nasco, VitaBiotics, Sanofi, Cipla, Stragen and Hemmo
  • Contractual production for tens of domestic and foreign companies
  • The biggest producer of cardiovascular medicines in Iran
  • The 1st rank of profitability among pharmaceutical companies in 2014

Distribution and Exportation Companies Contracting with Alborz Darou Company

      • Distribution companies:

      • Pakhsh Alborz Company, as one of the most reputable distribution companies in Iran, together with other nationwide distributors such as Mahya Darou, Razi, Hejrat and Darou Gostar
      • Exportation companies:

      • Alborz Bazargan Pars, Tosea Bazargani Darouei Sobhan

Domestic and International Partners
Alborz Darou Company procures its raw materials and equipment from the most reputable manufacturers in pharmaceutical industry inside and outside the country. Among the international suppliers we can mention Cipla of India, Farmhispania of Spain, Becton Dickinson of France, Unichem of India, and Sun Pharma of India.

Certificates, Commendations Letters, Confirmations and Standards

  • Commendation letter of reputation for quality (one star) for ready Anoxan syringes 4000 and 6000
  • Top ranking in national festival of efficiency among 34 pharmaceutical companies
  • ISO 17025 and ISO 14001 Standards.
  • Commendation letter for managing director of Alborz Darou Company in the 6th summit of managers and presidents of big production and services companies of Iran.
  • HPA health support award in summit of managers and presidents of big production and services companies of Iran.
  • National award for innovation in management and public relations of prominent complexes.
  • Achievement of the 2nd rank in the first stage of national festival of productivity (6 main productivity indexes) among 34 pharmaceutical companies participating in the festival.


FactoryAlborz Industrial Estate, Ghazvin Province
Area: 80,000 square meters with a substructure of 30,000 square meters
Head Office: Tehran
Address: #2490/4, before Tavanir Ave, Valiasr Ave, Tehran
Postal Code: 1434864667
Tel: +98 21 88192773
Fax: +98 21 88192770