Sobhan Oncology Company

Brief Introduction
Sobhan Oncology Pharmaceutical Company (private joint stock) was registered in 2002 under the name of Sobhan Chemotherapy Products Company as the first and the most advanced manufacturer of anticancer products in the Middle East, and was renamed in 2004 to “Sobhan Chemotherapy Company”. In 2009, the company was officially operated under the name of Sobhan Oncology Company. With its perspective being to develop into an international company, Sobhan Oncology Company, from the beginning of its establishment, entered into negotiation with the most reputable international companies in order to develop the best plan for establishment. This cooperation resulted in close cooperation and production under the license of world’s reputable companies such as Stragen, Roche, Sanofi, Gedeon Richter, Cipla, EBEWE, Biosyn, and Nippon Kayaku from Switzerland, France, Germany, Austria, India, Hungry and Jepan.

Main Activity

  • Production of anticancer products, transfer of technical knowledge and technology, production under license, and contractual production
  • Study on modern pharmaceutical supply systems using the more recent equipment
  • Development of pharmaceutical anticancer pipeline of the country through consultation with scientists in the field of pharmaceutical and treatment.
  • Cooperation in trial clinical establishment for new pharmaceutical supply systems


  • Discovery, development and production of new, safe and effective medicines for the treatment of different kinds of cancer
  • Fast and easy access to safe and effective anticancer products
  • Meeting customer satisfaction, including experts, patients, medical centers and other people concerned
  • Execution of environmental regulations so that personnel exposure to cytotoxic materials and environment pollution during and after production is prevented.
  • Compliance with all national regulations stipulated by employers and legal authorities.

The infrastructure of Sobhan Oncology Company and its skilled and experienced personnel has been designed and organized with the highest international pharmaceutical standards. The fundamental goal of the company is to produce new, safe and effective medicines for people suffering from different types of cancer. In addition, we want the patients to have easy access to these medicines. In line with this objective, we are committed to develop a healthier society.

Production Lines and Capacities

Form Capacity
Capsule 12,000,000
Tablet 4,500,000
Solution injective vial 800,000
Lyophilize vial 75,000

Human Resources

Number of personnel: 310

Number of Personnel in Different Units
Name of Unit Total
Production 112
Warehouses and logistics 115
Administrative 83

Products by Therapy Area
The Company produces 135 products in var- ious pharmaceutical forms in the following Therapy area:

Number of Personnel in Different Units
Therapy area Number
Cardiovascular medicines 25
Skin medicines 9
Eye and nose sterile medicines 3
Central nervous system 25
Digestive system 25
Antibiotic medicines 12
Respiratory system 13
Pharmaceutical and food supplements 3
Disinfectors 8
Plant medicines 8
Endocrine 1
Non-steroid anti-inflammation 2
Calcium emulator 1

Business Partners
Sobhan Oncology procures high quality products for the market of Iran and the region in collaboration with its international partners such as Sanofi of France, Roche of Switzerland, Stragen of Switzerland, EBEWE of Austria, Cipla of India and its domestic partners such as Exirnationa of Iran.
Domestic and International Awards

  • International award of superior quality from BID Institute (English)
  • Award of the ministry of health and medical education in 2014

Contracting Distribution Companies
Pakhsh Alborz, Tozi Darou Pakhsh, Pakhsh Faragir Damavand, Momtaz, Mahya Darou and Ferdows
Domestic and International Awards

  • International award of superior quality from BID Institute (English)
  • Award of the ministry of health and medical education in 2014

Unique Characteristics

    • The only producer of injective anticancer medicines in Iran
    • The only anticancer medicine of taxoter under license of Sanofi in the Middle East
    • The application of tanotechnology for producing anticancer medicines (Sobhan Oncology has managed to supply Doxorubicin Nano Liposomal for the first time after the US.)
    • The utilization of raw materials, technical knowledge and formulations of the European countries
    • Leading company in the execution of qualification tests for all manufacturing and laboratorial equipment and HVAC
    • Establishment of modern BMS construction monitoring system and EMS environmental monitoring system for permanent control of environmental conditions influential in product quality
    • Validation of water supply system processes, analysis methods used in laboratory, production according to latest European guidelines, and cleaning of cytotoxic products

Some of the medicines under license

  • Sanofi Company of France: texoter vial (20 and 80 mg)
  • Stragen Company of Switzerland: paclitaxel vial (30, 100 and 150 mg and 300 mg) and exaliplatine vial (50 and 100 mg)
  • Cipla Company of India: Imatib capsule (100 mg) and Artican vial (40 and 100 mg)
  • Roche Company of Switzerland: Mobetra vials (100 and 500 mg), Avestin (100 and 400 mg), Herceptin (150 and 440 mg), Pegasis RBV and Zeloda tablet (500 mg)
  • Gedeon Richter Company of Hungry: Vinchristian vials (10 and 50 mg) and Vin Blastin (1 mg)
  • Nippon Kayaku Company of Jepan: Atopozayd ampoule (100 mg) and Atopozayd (50 mg) z Biosyn Company of Germany: Flotamid tablet (250 mg)

Certificates, Commendations Letters, Confirmations and Standards

  • Certificate for establishment of optimal production principles (GMP) – solids lines
  • Certificate for establishment of optimal production principles (GMP) – vial production lines
  • Accredited certificate of laboratory (authorized production laboratory)
  • Certificate for dedication to quality
  • ISO 9001 Certificate (quality management standard)
  • ISO 14001 Certificate (environmental management standard)
  • Certificate of top rank from Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Mines
  • Commendation letter issued by ministry of industry (Sobhan Oncology Company as the exemplary unit of Guilan Province)
  • Appreciation letter of Imam order executive headquarters on the occasion of production of Doxorubicin Nano Liposomal
  • Appreciation letter of Guilan Governor’s Office on the occasion of production of Doxorubicin Nano Liposomal


Factory: Rasht Industrial Estate, Guilan Province
Approximate Area: 25,000 square meters with a substructure of 10,000 square meters
Head Office: Tehran
Address:  3rd Floor, No. 13, Mir- zahassani Alley, Ghaem Magham Farahani Ave, Tehran
Postal Code: 1586767114
Tel: +98 21 83879000
Fax: +98 21 88713824