Sobhan Darou Company

Brief Introduction
Sobhan Darou Company (Public Joint Stock) was designed and constructed in1976 under the name of Seviran (Private Joint Stock) with cooperation and technical knowledge of Ciba Geigy(now named Novartis). This factory was operated in 1981 and renamed to Sobhan Pharmaceutical Company in 1985 . In2005 , nature of company was changed from private joint stock to public joint stock. In2010, the company was registered in Stock Exchange under the symbol of “Sobhan”.

Main Activity
Research, development and production of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical products; production, procurement, importation, sale, distribution, exportation and marketing of products including pharmaceuticals products, food supplements, probiotics, and cosmetic, health and chemical products in the form of raw materials, completed products, semi-completed products, and bulk products.

One of the top pharmaceutical producers of the country with the aim of creating maximum value for the stakeholders in line with promotion of health in the society and one of top ten pharmaceutical companies of the country in terms of sales

The goal of Sobhan Darou Company is to meet some part of pharmaceutical need of the country and of the region by producing high quality products in accordance with the most recent standards of the world. Environment protection and observance of the rights of stakeholders with reliance on skilled forces and advanced technologies are among the most important parts of Sobhan Darou’s activities.

Production Lines and Capacities

Solids Tablet and dragee: 3.2 billion Capsule: 140 million
Semi-sol- ids Cream and gel: 12 million tubes Cosmetic Vaseline, cream and lotion: 300 tons
Liquids Drop: 7.3 million units

Human Resources

Sobhan Darou Company has 374 skilled and expe- rienced personnel as follows:

Number of Personnel in Different Units
Name of Unit Total
Production 135
Warehouses and logis- tics 165
Financial & Administra- tive 74

Products by Therapy Area

Sobhan Darou Company produces more than 120 products in various Therapy Area and pharmaceuti- cal forms as follows:

Products separated by Therapy Area
Cardiovascular medicines 14 items
Neurological products 57 items
Digestive, inter- nal, complemen- tary and general products 52 items

Business Partners
International cooperation with reputable companies such as Roquette of France, Corda of England, Fis, Olon, Recordatti and Dipharma of Italy, and Evonic of Germany as business partners of Sobhan Darou Company demonstrates that this company gives special importance to the quality of its products.

International and Domestic Adwards

  • Commendation Plaque for support of consumer rights in 2011 and 2012
  • Trophy of the 14th Conference of Reputable Industrial and Commercial Companies of Iran

Contracting Distributors and Exporters
Pakhsh Alborz Company, as one of the most reputable distributors in Iran, together with other nationwide distribution companies such as Razi, Hejrat, Ghassem Iran, Doroo Gostar Razi, and Behpakhsh Darou Behshahr distribute the company’s products.

Unique characteristics
As one of the most reputable companies in the field of neurological medicine production, Sobhan Darou Company has achieved the second rank in Iran in terms of production capacity and the ninth rank in Iran in terms of sales. Also, this company achieved the third rank among pharmaceutical companies in 2014 in terms of profitability. Furthermore, the company has produced licensed medicines in collaboration with well- known European companies, among which are Contrahist brand under the license of ADAMEO of Poland and Ursobil brand of ABC Company of Italy.

Certificates, Commendations Letters, Confirmations and Standards

  • ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008
  • Commendation letter of reputation for quality in 2011 and 2012 (one star) and 2013 (two star)
  • GMP Certificate from ministry of health and medical education of Iran
  • Confirmation of authorized laboratory from the ministry of health and medical education
  • Member of national development program
  • Member of human pharmaceuticals syndicate
  • Member of Guilan Green Industry


Factory: Rasht Industrial Estate, Guilan Province
Area: 87,242 square meters with a substructure of 27,500 square meters
Head Office: Tehran
Address: #295, between Afriqa and Valiasr, West Fatemi Ave, Teh- ran
Postal Code: 1411853695
Tel: +98 21 66568181
Fax: +98 21 66948553