Pakhsh Alborz Company

Brief Introduction
Pakhsh Alborz Company, registered in March, 1974, has been active in distribution industry for 40 years. This company was listed on Tehran Stock Exchange on Mar. 17, 2013 as the first national distribution company.

Main Activity

  • Distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical equipmentn
  • Distribution of foodstuff and detergents
  • Distribution of health products

Achievement of the first distribution rank of the country and promotion of health level and pharmaceutical services of the society

Meeting the needs of customers and end consumers optimally by qualitative and quantitative promotion of hardware and software in due compliance with distribution rules regulations and standards

Human Resources

Number of Personnel in Different Units
Name of Unit Total
Marketing and Sales 435
Operation 580
Financial and Administrative 325

Business Partners
Contracting with 65 pharmaceutical, production and importation companies and 23 foodstuff, detergent, cosmetic and health companies

Unique Characteristics

  • The first distribution company to be listed on the Stock Exchange
  • Continuous presence among top companies of the country according to IMI 100 ranking (100 top companies of Iran)
  • Highest annual sales among national distribution companies during the past five years and sale record of 13,000 billion Rials.
  • Around 50 years of experience in distribution industry of Iran
  • Having the highest number of distribution branches and roofed warehouses
  • Having modern and efficient information systems
  • Having the most complete goods basket among Iranian distribution
  • Arrival to 10,000 billion Rials companies club
  • One of the two pharmaceutical companies to have the competency to distribute special products (alcohol, controlled drugs, hemodialysis, subside milk powder)
  • Two independent and simultaneous distribution channels for foodstuff and medicines

Software and IT

  • Establishment of ERP
  • Business Intelligence System
  • Advanced portal systems for customers, suppliers and personnel and special portal
  • Mobile electronic ordering system
  • Mobile software package of Pakhsh Alborz System (HAMPA), software system installable on customers’ mobile phones
  • Pakhsh Alborz Moment information system (SALPA)

Certificates, Commendations Letters, Confirmations and Standards

  • 1st rank in distribution of health products and foodstuff
  • Second company to obtain license for distribution of controlled drugs
  • Obtainment of certificate for movement towards technology management and achievement of 1st rank in technology management
  • License of pharmaceutical distribution throughout the country
  • License of distribution of foodstuff and detergents throughout the country
  • Distribution system certificate
  • Cold chain license
  • Iran code system certificate
  • Certificate of 100 top companies of Iran
  • Obtainment of diamond award
  • ISO 9001:2008

Head Office: Tehran
Address: #343, between Jomhoori and Nofeloshato, Hafez Ave, Tehran
Distribution Centers: 27 distribution centers around the country in cities such as Mashhad, Tehran (east center, west center, special customers center, organizational center and major center), Isfahan, Shiraz, Ahvaz, Tabriz, Hamedan, Yazd, Uromia, Kermanshah, Kerman, Rasht, Zahedan, Arak, Babol, Gorgan, Sanandaj, Bandar Abbas, Karaj, Ghazvin, Ghom, Ardebil, Zanjan, Gonabad, Ardebil, Ghom, and so on.
Postal Code: 1131614351
Tel: +98 21 66705799
Fax: +98 21 66705730
Ground area: 200,000 square meters
Warehouse area: 90,000 square meters